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For Families, sailing offers a stress-free vacation with an variety of activities allowing you to enjoy lots of quality time with your children. If you need to escape your present lifestyle for a while, don’t simply change the kind of hotel. Change life! Experience another culture and lifestyle. Change your skin. Detox. Reset!

Sailing has always been the highest expression of the high life style. Now more than ever, the demanding traveller finds a private charter to be the most exclusive way to spend his precious vacations. There are no two ways to offer this service, but just one: perfection. Hand-picked and referenced crew, spotless yachts, gourmet cuisine, attention to detail – Everything is personalised!

When sailing with children, the most impressive take homes are the benefits of learning all about the life onboard. You will find these beneficial, as kids tend to transfer these habits to their everyday life back home. Conserving water saves our planet. What better way to learn about this than in nature, on a sailing yacht, where fresh water supply is not infinite and must be managed responsibly.

Safety is always our #1 priority

Especially with children onboard, all daily activities are conducted safely and under the supervision of your highly professional crew.

Family Sailing Vacation Benefits

  • Relaxing for Parents: parents can sit back and enjoy quality family time, with the responsibility for the yacht, meals, plus daily activity planning left to their professional crew.
  • Fun for Kids: kids have plenty to keep them entertained aboard, such as sailing, snorkelling, stand up paddle-boarding or even scuba diving.
  • Family-friendly yachts: all our yachts are family-friendly with well equipped water sports lockers and our crews love having kids aboard.
  • Easy Sailing: Discover a new island each day – protected waters, shorter sails, plus a wide variety of excellent anchorages to choose from.