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Sailing vacation on a private yacht is a world within and it differs hugely from a hotel-stay. Resorts, hotels, villas and guest houses cannot offer you the variety and flexibility your own personal yacht charter can. You will see beaches and panoramas that you can not see from the shore, sometimes can’t even get to.

What does a typical charter look like? Before you arrive, during the preparations for the sailing cruise you will tell us what your dietary preferences are. The menu is customised to your tastes. We will explore your vacation style, whether you prefer nature, nightlife, adventurous sailing or a mixture of all. Each charter is totally tailor-made and different from another, and the best thing is you can change it mid-stream if you want to come back to a place you really enjoyed. Try asking the captain of a mega-cruise ship to visit that pretty little island over there that isn’t on their itinerary.. With your own charter yacht, the captain’s next words are likely to be: “Sure, let’s go!”.

Sail, snorkel, beach walk, bar hop, barefoot shop, have the captain’s special sundowner on the deck while a beautiful Mediterranean sun sets into the sea each night on a different island. Enjoy the finest food on each island. A private sailboat cruise means having your own personal guide to help you chart a course to your best vacation ever!

We have a variety of yachts to accommodate your budget. The all-inclusive vacation packages on our yachts means a lower price at the end of the week, and a more satisfied vacationer! Your yacht becomes your own private resort that will take you to the most breathtaking places in the islands, pampering you there and back! Rates can start from $1,000 per person per week, all-inclusive based on each yacht’s occupancy requirements.

Differences between a yacht charter, a cruise ship and a hotel or a resort

Charter Yacht Cruise Ship Hotel or resort
Personal chef who asks you your likes/dislikes as part of the charter planning. Stand in line for buffet, or be seated at your assigned time, and eat fast…there is another seating coming right after you
Menu is not customized to your tastes.
Select a yacht with your activities in mind, and do them at your pace, and in a different place each day, if you like.
Stand in line with thousands of others to do what the ship offers, not necessarily what you want to do that day.
Same reef, same fish, same view, same place to do the same activities, and it is on their schedule, not yours.


Smaller, quaint islands and unique, out of the way beaches are accessible to you.
With thousands of others, you will all be taken to the same beaches on the same few big islands capable on handling that many people.
Same beach every day, with every other hotel guest.
Personalized instruction in sailing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking – even yodeling with the right crew!
Mass lecture if you are lucky, handed the equipment in line and told to figure it out if you are not.
Share your instructor with every other hotel guest.
You set the pace. Your schedule can change if you like a particular island, or find something interesting along the way.
Try and change the ship’s schedule! You go where the ship can fit, and where thousands can be handled.
Same, Same, Same!!!
Experience the water and the joy of sailing. We can even teach you how!
Are you on a boat? How can you tell? Your windows are sealed, the deck is 100′ above the water.
Why just take a day trip out, when your hotel can follow you around to all the different islands?
All-inclusive or à la carte for more sophisticated guests On many ships, you will pay extra for every drink, including sodas. Imagine taking your children for a week and paying for every Coke
At all-inclusive resorts, you pay for everything, whether you use it or not. Instead, select a yacht with what you want, so you don’t pay for things you don’t need or use.