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Take a look at your typical day onboard a sailing yacht

How would you feel detaching from the world, as you know it, for a week or two of floating life? How about living the dream of a yacht vacation in the Mediterranean Sea? Come, share in with our world!

Daily Awakening Experience

The splashes of gentle waves softly touching in on the other side of your pillow. The Mediterranean crickets choirs singing a wake up song every morning and the quiet breeze playing the ropes on the mast will be your daily companions throughout this Greek Islands Hopping experience. The sun-blazed bay with one or two other neighbouring boats anchored in, greets you at the breakfast table richly decorated with local delicacies. This is the beginning of  your day!

Fuel up for the day

Jump in the turquoise water to wake up in the early heat of the day and then join the breakfast banquet at your cockpit table where you’ll enjoy your family and friends at every awakening. – What a great way of sharing lives with your dear ones, focus on each other and on your friendships and family relationships in a new way, away from the tedious daily tasks and duties.

Ready, Set, Go!

After a few more dips, take a look at the wind forecast for the day and let us suggest you a few options of what the day will look like according to where the wind takes us today. Once fully relaxed and having had your coffee & tea refills throughout the morning, we set the sails and take it easy on the course to our next stopover. Depending on the distance to cover, on sites and bays we’ll want to take you to,  we tend to keep the sailing lengths down to three hours daily, unless you are more of a sporty/adventurous lot.

Lunch stop

Once anchored or docked to our mid-day paradise on earth, jump in and swim to the beach as the lunch is being prepared. Take your time to swim, sunbathe and dry off on upper deck in your own privacy and space. Enjoy the entourage of yet another Greek cove you will find uniquely wonderful in its own personality. In half hour another typical Mediterranean speciality meal is ready and the table is set. Drinks never lack onboard, so what would you like to have?! Help yourself to a gourmet pasta speciality and have another round, why not! You can either have a nap, in or out of the sun, go for another swim or snorkelling expedition, there is no rush. It’s your vacation!

Hit the port and enjoy its charm at sunset

We will slowly get going as the Greek sun keeps strolling high until very late (typically at 10pm). Set the sails up again, because the kind wind is on our side, port-wards. Let us take you to the most picturesque towns you never thought possible on your end of the world. The crew will take care of manoeuvring and securing the boat for the overnight docking as you prepare to get ashore to explore the town and yet another new island. Walk around and learn about the history of the new place, the archeological sites, walk between the ancient civilisations buildings and ruins, sit in the Ancient Greek or Roman amphitheatre, talk with the most hospitable and welcoming locals and learn about their customs, such as sipping the ouzo liqueur while watching the sunset over the harbour. We will then take you to carefully selected and handpicked family-run tavernas and restaurants, far from the crowds and overly touristic areas, honestly priced (we are talking $15-20 per person for a three-course meal and wine) and genuinely authentic Greek cuisine. – a great conclusion to yet another glorious day, expectantly awaiting the next adventurous one.

You will have a myriad of questions, but do not worry, your crew is there at all times. Your broker a phone call/email away. You can always visit our FAQs section, a comprehensive guide of most things we could think of… almost.