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Get out of the narrow lanes of modern ‘successful’ living

'You know I am not much of a sailor.  Yet one of the most memorable trips/vacations/whatever you want to call them was the week we spent with you.  It was wonderful.  But it was you, and the sailing, I keep telling you.  Beginning last year I went into a funk -- turning 70 -- life was over.  Part of life being over was I couldn't think where or how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.  Not with my family because then I would be surrounded by grandchildren, largely ages 6 and under, and then it wouldn't be my birthday but theirs.  So I had to "get out of town".  And I couldn't think of any place in the world I really wanted to go -- I'd been so many places, seen it and done it.  But if you remember, I did want to sail with Marco, who was busy...'

Rachel Golden, Chicago, USA

Believe it or not some people actually believe one can achieve a state of well being going to what is essentially a luxurious jail. Wellness centres, spas and millions of other static joints invested billions to force happiness into you. From the moment you arrive a tremendous amount of effort, taking the shape of general kindness, appropriate massages, numberless bubbles, politically correct food, harmless drinks, oriental brainwashing, star-trek-style machines and Japanese gardens will be poured onto your body and soul from the outside, in exchange of a considerable amount of money. Does this seem natural and human to you? What about the freedom to soar, the need of space and solitude, the poetry of the inner self and the value of pure pleasure?
Some VIP already found the right answer to the forced conditions of a modern successful life. And to enclose oneself into a golden cage full of trinkets is but a simple change of views. Faces, horizons and lifestyle will remain the same. No way one can achieve happiness just pretending it.
So come sailing.
Ask our guests.
Your horizon will change every hour, because you will be free to move without following lanes. Men are nomads, they settled just to seek protection and safety, in exchange of freedom and instinct. In order to be happy you need to move. To seek. To learn. To sail.
If you need to get out of your present lifestyle for a while, don’t simply change the kind of hotel. Change life. Experience another culture and lifestyle. Change skin. Detox. Reset!

Go back to nature, to the simplicity of following the rhythm of the sun, to the boost of swimming in the sea, and not in a chlorine-drenched pool, just out of your bed first thing in the morning, in a real and balanced diet full of the flavours and aromas brought to you from the shore by the breeze, of a long hike among sage bushes and lonely hills instead of fake motion on a machine, on a wine glass straight form the land you are visiting and not from a vanilla scented liquid bottled with preservatives in a distand land.
Change your life for a while.
Help yourself to seek happiness.
Come sailing.

At this point we just could give you a list of vessels where you can easily look for your destiny. But we prefer you to contact us and explain what you are looking for. We will find the answer.

Ten reasons to choose our sailing wellness cruises:

1. Absolute exclusivity: all our vessels strictly apply the 'One party at a time' policy: there will be no one else aboard but you and the crew. You will never feel and be just a parto of a mechanism.

2. Relax: absolutely nothing can compare to a sailboat in terms of relax. The magic, the quietness, the unique landscape, the soothing sounds and sights of the sea, the total control of time.....

3. Alternative lifestyle: sailing belongs to a completely different lifestyle compared to a wellness centre. The latter just changes the rooms, the activities and the menu, while the lifestyle remans the same. A cruise on a sailboat is like moving to another world, with a different concept of time, space and culture.

4. Diet: as you can discover in our gourmet section, our crews are selected also according to the quality of their cuisine. They propose a balanced menu rooted in the recipes and ingredients of the area you are visiting, and they personalize the menu just for you. The galley will just follow your necessities and desires.

5. Fitness: the absence of fitness machines is largely compensated by the size of our swimming pool, the largest in the world. You can chose to swim, hike and run anywhere you want, even on desert islands.

6. Culture: the Sea has its own rules, traditions and heritage. Sailing with our crews gives a unique opportunity to discover new horizons. Most of our vessels carry a vast library aboard and this will offer further opportunities to learn.

7. Isolation: we give it for granted that stress is proportional to the density of a place. The more the people around you, the higher the chances to get stressed. We have just one answer: the Ocean is the least populated place on the planet.

8. Style: a sailboat is an answer in itself. Better be happy in style.

9. Freedom: we sincerely believe that happyness comes from freedom, and a sailboat cruise is the best way to taste it.

10. 100% tailor made. Nothing is standard.

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