Sun Odyssey 54 DS - Croatia, Greece and other locations
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. Maxi 80 - West Med
. Jongert 70 - West Med
. Southern Wind 72 - Med
. Swan 77 - Med
. Swan 65 - Med
. Kanter 72 - West med
. Briand 62 - East Med
. Oyster 655 - Mediterranean
. Oyster 56 - Med
. Swan 55 - Thyrrenian
. Sun Odyssey 54 DS - Med
. Hanse 540 - Croatia/Sardinia
. Dufour 525 - Sicil, Balearics
. Swan 51 - Med
. Oceanis 51 - Greece
. Oceanis 51 - Thyrrenian
. Oceanis 510 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 50 - Croatia
. Bavaria 50 - Croatia
. Taswell 49 - Sardinia
. Swan 47 - Thyrrenian
. Privilege 465 - Adriatic
. Grand Soleil 46.3 - Greece
. Nelson 46 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 46 - Thyrrenian
. Lagoon 440 - Greece/Sicily
. Swan 44 - Provence
. Gib Sea 44 - Sicily
. Grand Soleil 40 - Croatia
. Privilege 12 - Greece
. Oceanis 35 - Provence

. Bavaria 46 - Thyrrenian
. Bavaria 49 - Adriatic
. Jeanneau 47 - Croatia n
. Barberis 56 - Amalfi/Ponza

Antarctica & Patagonia
. Kanter 56
. Custom 15m
. Custom 13 m
. Cigale 16m

. Sloop 60'

Caribbean (Antilles)
. Preles 72
. Catamaran 57
. Jongert 22
. Fountaine Pajot 46
. Moody 44
. Jeanneau 47
. Trimaran - (San Blas)
. Beneteau 50
. Lagoon 500
. Galapagos Catamaran
. Galapagos Schooner

Thailand & Indian Ocean
. Swan 59
. Swan 55
. Burma charter
. Catamaran 48
. Madagascar cruises

. Catamaran 56 - Tahiti
. Lagoon 500 - Bora Bora

. Catamaran 46

The Yacht

Sun Odyssey 54 DS

Jeanneau did not turn us on at all. True enough, the 54DS is a floating villa, even if the interior is full of steps, and you keep walking up and down... no wonder they had no-slip shoe-covers for the visit. Still the shipyard betrays its charter karma. They tried to put a big owners cabin in the rear... they might as well have put a big onion. Being it a derivation of the double cabin, there are 2 small toilets instead of a big one with a shower.It's the first time ever that I see 2 toilets for une double cabin and I certainly hope it will also be the last. And the ceiling is around 4 inches over the bed. Claustrofobic, really. But Jeanneau wins our contest for the worst positioning of the winches; this is a personal battle that, as sailors and bipeds with a little bit of common sense, decided to declare unilaterally.

Now let's see, the skipper calls a tack and we approach the winch. Knees on the cockpit seat, we elongate our spine and arms outwards to reach the drum, with subsequent pain to the sciatic nerve. While we carefully prepare to take the sheet off the tailer, we try to place a hand around the drum. That will not be easy, of course, because the drum is sunk into the fibreglass. At this point the skipper asks us how's our tea and if we do not mind to let the sheet go. This we try to do asap, uncoling it from the top, because no other way would work, but we also say a little prayer in case the sheet get stuck between the drum and the boat. Then we go to the other side to man the other sheet. Here we discover that the perfect grinder on Jeanneaus must have very short arms, because the winch is so close to the steering station that a proper winching action is out of the question. You do not believe it? Visit Jeanneau's website. We must admit that the 45 is a nice sailboat, a good interior and classic galley, nice lines and wide spaces. A perfect choice for sunbathing charters, for ladies who do not like the deck covered with such inconveniences as winches and hardware. Moreover the boat is not excessively light, and this might mean safety.
The crew (this vessel is listed in the Intelligent Charters sections, and a different crew can be chosen)

Oscar: born and raised in a Navy environment, he accompanied his father in the Naval Academy and learned to sail with a guy named Agostino Straulino (Star Class Olympic Gold Medal). Then sailed in many seas, warm and cold, as a bosun on the Italian Navy sailboat, Stella Polaris. Not easily chained by strict discipline, he soon cast off for himself, seeding a wide network of relationships in most Mediterranean countries. He knows nearly every harbour, wine, tavern and bay between Trieste and Trieste via Istambul and Gibraltar

Mauro: Born and raised in Trieste, on that Adriatic coast he knows so well and loves so much, Mauro 'Capitan Findus' graduated at the Nautical College. he soon started a life at sea on mineswepers first and on ships of the line afterwards.
He then bought his own vessel and started cruising extensively along the Dalmatian coast.
He sails to enjoy the pure beauty of the sea:
Brilliant attitude and chef 'extraordinaire', he keeps searching the hidden corners of the coast, looking for new places, new people, new wines and new taste

Prices: from 4000 to 7500 a week ,skipper included, depending on the season
BUILDER Jeanneau
DESIGNER J. Fauroux - V. Garroni
HULL TYPE Mono-hull - Cruiser
MATERIAL Fibreglass
PRODUCTION mass produced (many specimen)
STANDARD cabins 3 toilets 4 # berths 8
CHARTER cabins 4 toilets 4 # berths 10
CREW QUARTERS cabins 1 toilets 1 # berths 2
DIMENSIONS   mt | ft
LOA 54.95 ft
LWL 48.52 ft
BEAM (max) 15.98 ft
BALLAST 11023 lbs
WATER TANK 205 gls
FUEL TANK 90 gls
SAIL AREA 1527 sqft
GENOA AREA 866 sqft