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While the answer to the question 'what are the best sailboats around' might be open to an endless debate, few would disagree on the fact that Nautor's Swans, built in the icy village of Pietarssaari in Finland, are among the best. The early success of the brand is certainly a result of the magic pen of the Sparkman & Stephens firm. Its famous designs, especially the 65, winner of the first Whitbread Around the World Race, gave the brand a deserved fame. Nowadays, S&S Swan owners even formed a proud association with a most rewarding website. Armstrong Global is proud to own a classic 44 and to represent a unique selection of these jewels. All of them are more than 30 years old, and still they sail in every corner of the planet, giving the sailors a unique feeling of the purest sailing, that few lucky men in happier times ever felt. Visit their pages.

Swan 44, central Med
Swan 47, central Med
Swan 55, Thailand
Swan 55, central Med
Swan 65, eastern and central Med


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