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Caribbean and Windward Islands

World's number one yachting destination, the place of never-ending summer. With some unexpected jewels and many places left to discover...
When: December to June
Where: Antigua, Grenadines, Tobago Keys, Martinica, St. Barths, Bahamas
Gastronomy: not its strongest point... Chooose your vessel carefully
Favourites: Antigua, Bequia


The inlets and islands between Angra dos Reis and Parati, including the island of Isla Grande, around 50 miles west of Rio de Janeiro, are among the finest tropical sailing areas of South America. Well sheltered from the relentless swell that pesters the whole continental coast from the E and SE, the area has numberless anchorages and opportunities ashore for the curious travelers. Food is excellent and both, Angra and Parati, boast excellent fish markets.
When: any time
Where: Anfra dos Reis, Parati, Isla Grande
Gastronomy: based on excellent ingredients, traditional quality, head for taverns and not for fancy
Favourites: Isla Grande, Parati Mirim


Join our boat exploring the amazing waters around Nosy Be in the African paradise of Madagascar
When: December 2008-January 2009
Departing/returning: Nosy be
Difficulty: Low
Budget:1100 euros pp
Vessel: Harmony 47
Captain: Marco Rossi

Andaman Islands

Floating in splendid isolation some 400 nautical miles north-west from Phuket in the Andaman Sea is this archipelago of over 500 islands, islets, rocks and reefs. They stretch out over a length of 430 miles and are an unparalleled destination for nature lovers and divers alike.
When: January 2009
Where: departing/arriving Phuket - Thailand
Special: well, the Andamans!

Patagonia, Antarctica and South Georgia

Join the crew of S/V Kamana in their amazing adventure in the South Atlantic and our mountain guide in his exploration of the peaks and valleys of the island where Shackleton was buried.
When: November 2008
Departing/returning: Stanley, Falkland Islands (compulsory port of entry)
Difficulty: high
Vessel: S/V Kamana
Captain: Enrico Tettamanti


Thailand will be a surprise to many. Excellent sailing, wonderful culture, stunning gastronomy and a great selection of boats to chose from. And great diving too... We always suggest Thailand over the Caribbean because of the definitely better choice of things to do ashore... Thailand has a thriving culture and provides much more on land than the caribbean

Galapagos and Easter Island

A cruise around the Galapagos is a trip back in the days of creation... Volcanic marvels, amazing creatures, stunning scenery and this is probably the only place where you can swim with hammerheads, watch mantarays jumping and eat a proper ceviche in the same day.

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