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Always to follow the LLLL rule: lead, log, longitude and lookout. Keep an eye around and always be sure of where you are and what you are supposed to have below your craft.

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The greater Phuket area including the provinces of Phang Nga, Krabi and Trang have emerged as star performers in Thailand's thriving tourism industry.Pristine beaches, crystal clear blue waters, warm winter climate and isolated magical islands are the prime attractions that lure millions of tourists here every year. It is these very same attractions that 'yachties' from all over the world seek out. The first amongst the boating attractions of the area is Phang Nga Bay, famous for its stunning limestone mountains that rise vertically out of a tranquil aquamarine sea. The bay offers year round shelter, even during the heavy months of the monsoon a yacht can find calm waters, tranquility and dramatic beauty. When the northeast monsoon season arrives in November/December, the bay transforms itself into a fabulously beautiful playground and great day sailing destination. Safe anchorages are numerous in the bay. When exploring the bay, a dinghy, or a sea canoe is needed to get into the many little coves, bays and tidal seacaves which open up to hidden lagoons within the center of many islands. Moving south from northern Phang Nga Bay you'll discover that the water clarity changes from a thick milky green to a near crystal clear clarity around the islands off Krabi. These islands offer outstanding pristine beaches. Krabi itself is one of the most dramatically beautiful places you'll ever see. Phra Nang beach, where moutainous slabs or limestone tower over each end of the beach has been called one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Heading further south from Krabi the snorkelling becomes even more interesting. There are beautiful coral reefs and an abundance of small, colourful reef fish. The Phi Phi Islands are a must see port of call in the common, circular route taking in the three provinces that enclose Phang Nga bay. Anchorages here are plentiful, usually deserted and always beautiful. From here boats sail east, then turn south to the Ko Hong (Krabi) group of islands. If weather permits, these make a delightful overnight stop. Phra Nang, Krabi is the next overnight stop for most. The Similan Islands is another major, but very different island attraction in the Andaman Sea. They are located north west of Phuket and compose nine, low-lying islands which are completely different in there geological form to Phang Nga's Bays sea mountains.

Over 1000 miles of coastline bordering the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand, literally thousands of islands, countless beaches with pristine white sand, crystal waters and super coral reefs , hidden creeks and headlands meeting the sea, mystical sea mountains. All these combine with a tropical climate to create the world's most stunning cruising waters. Welcome to Thailand . The Thailand that independent cruising yachtsmen tell tales about on their travels. This Thailand that many have never left.

The sheer numbers of destination awaiting you within Thailand 's borders is outdone only by the unbelievable variety. From world-class marina to tiny fishing village, from big city Pattaya to deserted beaches and uninhabited islands, this is the marine wonderland of Thailand . This is Asia 's boating playground. This is the “ Caribbean ” of East.

Thailand Sailing Info

Phuket & Phang Nga Bay 
 In the South of the Kingdom, Thailand 's largest Island, Phuket forms the gateway to the wonders of Phang Nga Bay . By far the biggest center for boating in the Kingdom, Phuket is home to two marinas.

Krabi & Koh Phi Phi 
 The stunning sea mountain scenery of Phang Nga Bay extends down to Krabi, reaching south into deeper, crystal clear waters. South of Krabi and east of Phuket, you discover the Phi Phi Islands , one of the most beautiful island groups anywhere.

The Unspoiled west coast & the Similans 
 The west coast of Phuket dazzles visitors with some of the clearest water and most striking beaches in the whole region.

The Koh Samui Archipelago  
 Away from main cruising routes, Samui and its neighbors don not see many visiting yachts and, until now have remained a retreat for the adventurous, or the privileged few local sailors.

Pattaya to Koh Samet 
 Pattaya's proximity to Bangkok has distinct advantages for sailors. Both Royal Varuna Yacht Club, based in a secluded cove between Pattaya and Jomtien beaches and Ocean Marina run regular yacht races, while the Yacht Cruising Association of Thailand organizes cruising weekends to the offshore islands.

Koh Chang & Koh Kut Groups
 Ko Chang National Park, a group of more than 50 islands near the Cambodian border – many uninhabited – has achieved well-deserved international recognition for its spectacular coral, hidden waterfalls and pristine beaches.

Burma itinerary (under construction)
Day 1: Kawthung – Barwell Island
Transfer by long-tail from Ranong ( Thailand ) to Kawthung ( Burma ) arriving on Stressbreaker around lunchtime. Once all the paperwork is sorted, we sail to Barwell Island for an evening arrival.
Day 2: Barwell Island – Lampi National Park
After exploring the island we sail north to Lampi National Park.
An idyllic anchorage and your first opportunity to see the White Bellied Sea Eagles and Bryon my Kites that circle the skies.
  Day 3: Lampi National Park – Great Swinton
In the morning, we explore one of the mangrove rivers on the west side of Lampi Island . Plenty of wildlife and huge, century-old mangrove trees towering overhead. After, we set sail for Great Swinton Island , stopping off on the way at the Sea Gypsy village on Pu Nala.
Day 4: Great Swinton
Great Swinton Island has several kilometres of white sand beach, beautifully clear warm water and the most pristine coral you have ever seen!!! It is ideal for those that want to “have a go” at Scuba Diving. Or for the more experienced, just offshore, there is the world class dive site of Shark Cave !!!

If diving is not your scene, the day can be spent Sea Kayaking around to our night anchorage on the other side of the island.
Day 5: Great Swinton – McLeod Island
After we leave Great Swinton we sail south, passing dozens of deserted tropical islands before arriving at McLeod Island . Another beautiful island covered in rainforest and some great snorkelling. Here we have an opportunity to explore the rainforest and perhaps even see the illusive Rhinoceros Hornbill.
Day 6: McLeod Island – Horseshoe Island
Today we travel to the “jewel in the crown” of the Mergui Archipelago. As the name suggests, this island is horseshoe shaped with a lagoon in the middle making it the most idyllic anchorage. Being shallow, with crystal clear water and a white sand bottom, the whole lagoon appears like a giant fish tank.
Day 7: Horseshoe Island – Kawthung
This morning, we take the inflatable to the nearby island of Copula . The whole inside of the island is a giant cave, which can only be entered by dingy at low tide. The cave is home to a small number of people who live in a stilted village above the water. These people spend their life in the half-light collecting bird's nests for the soup!!!! After lunch we depart for an evening arrival in Kawthung. 
Day 8: Kawthung
Leave Stressbreaker about 8am for the long-tail crossing back to Ranong ( Thailand ) for your onward journey.



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