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We are mariners first. We firmly believe that only professionals who sailed the Sea and experienced  its multiple shades, and who actively took people out at sea have the right and the capacity to give advice to others who wants to sail or charter a boat. Therefore we provide references by people who sailed with us, and not simply used our services as brokers.
Here follows a short list of guests who sailed our own boats and their place of residence. In case you wish we can provide you their e.mail address for contact and reference.


Mrs. Marilyn Baxter  Saatchi and Saatchi Co., London UK
Mrs. Rachel Golden  NGO expert, Chicago USA
Mrs. Philippe Gelin  Shorex Ltd., London UK
Mrs. Mariette Wilcox  CEO Wilcox Group, Vancouver CAN
Mrs. Tracy Ross  Canadian Science Museums, Toronto CAN
Mr. Francesco Trimboli  Barrister Milano IT
Mrs. Darlene Hughes  CEO, Ibisgroup Inc. Vancouver CAN
Mr. Robert Burton  CPA, Seattle USA
Mr. Andrew Craig  Patagonia Painting, Ltd. London UK
Mrs.Rangnild Nielsel   Via Torist Group, Norway N
Mr. Patrick Lehouiller  Tort Lawyer, Colorado US
Mr. and Mrs. Hopson  P&O, New Zealand NZ
Dr. Hector Costanzo  Barrister, Buenos Aires AG
Mrs. Amelia Laver  Barrister, London UK
Mrs. Mary Crowley  Ocean Voyages Inc., San Francisco US
Mrs. Jane Ellen Morgan  Professional cook, Vancouver CA
Mr. Aldo Roveda Lawyer, Milan IT
Mr. Frederic Jean  Entrepreneur, Belgium B
Mr. Frank Wilcox  Stock Exchange Broker, Toronto CA
Mr. Martin Smith  Castrol, London UK
Mrs. Zoe Naylor  Editor, Dubai UAE
Mrs. Diane Hoffmann  Entrepreneur, Florida USA
Mr. Josè Villegas  CEO VHS, Buenos Aires ARG
Mr. David Barber

Entrepreneur and wine producer, Vancouver CAN

and many others...

'You know I am not much of a sailor.  Yet one of the most memorable trips/vacations/whatever you want to call them was the week we spent with you.  It was wonderful.  But it was you, Marco, I keep telling you.  Beginning last year I went into a funk -- turning 70 -- life was over.  Part of life being over was I couldn't think where or how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.  Not with my family because then I would be surrounded by grandchildren, largely ages 6 and under, and then it wouldn't be my birthday but theirs.  So I had to "get out of town".  And I couldn't think of any place in the world I really wanted to go -- I'd been so many places, seen it and done it.  But if you remember, I did want to sail with Marco, who was busy...'

Rachel Golden, Chicago, USA

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