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Every journey we organize is tailored upon our guests' requirements, so please contact us to request your private itinerary. All our voyages leave a very low carbon footprint.
Luxury Yacht Charters & High Life at sea
If you need to get out of your present lifestyle for a while, don’t simply change the kind of hotel. Change life. Experience another culture and lifestyle. Change skin. Detox. Reset! Sailing has always been the highest expression of the high life style. Now more than ever the demanding traveller finds a private charter the most exclusive way to spend his precious holidays. There are no two ways to offer this sevice, but just one: perfection. Hand-picked and referenced crew, spotless vessels, gourmet cuisine, attention to the detail. To this we add our wine and gourmet values, a deep knowledge of the cruising grounds, a close attention to the desires and wishes of the clients, and our passion.

Adventure Cruises Worldwide
We select for you the best vessels sailing around the seas. Experienced skippers will guide you anywhere it’s safe and introduce you to the culture, traditions and heritage of the sea. Because life on the sea is something of its own. And to us, adventure means style as well. Our crews work with passion and will deliver superb cuisine, great service and a truly special atmosphere.
Some of our vessels are sailing the oceans and the open seas. Teambuilding cruises, heavy weather sailing courses, sailing school, ocean crossings, sea miles, crew transfers and all the various activities where you will live the Sea, rather that travelling on it.


Gourmet & Gastronomy Cruises - 料理法
We are the first company to focus the greatest attention towards the gastronomic aspect of the cruise, trying to select vessels where the chef is capable of serving the tradition of your chosen destination for dinner. Moreover, the chef will also open for you the secrets of the flavours of his area.

Wine Discovery Cruises - ワイン
Chose also a wine tasting cruise for best results in the combination of wine and food. While sailing quietly around magnificent bays, ancient havens and strange islands, the crew will introduce you to the wine and cheese culture of the place you are cruising and of the region of origin of the chef. We are the only company giving you the choice between 2,500 different wines, which will be delivered at your port of embarcation to make your personal wine chart. Try also our exclusive Ag wine chart aboard service
Sail & Golf
Some of the World's best golf courses are by the sea, and the combination of golf and sailing deserves a special attention. We personally selected some of the best and classic golf courses around the Mediterranean, and we can arrange our flexible itineraries to allow one or more golfing experience within the cruise not to mention the dates before and after. We will take care of reservations and green fees, if you want. Our skippers will make sure not a single minute of your precious holidays will be lost. And our crews will prepare for you the perfect 19th hole, followed by a perfect gourmet dinner with local produce.
Men are nomads, they settled just to seek protection and safety, in exchange of freedom and instinct. In order to be happy you need to move. To seek. To learn. To sail. Your horizon will change every hour, because you will be free to move without following lanes.
Patagonia & Antarctica Expeditions
Sailing to Antarctica and South Georgia or exploring the Patagonian Channels is worth a decade of hard toiling behind a desk. These restless seas provide a romantically immense, barely explored and immensely challenging 'strange coasts where ventures under sail can seek those first experiences, and try to feel as felt the earlier men in happier times, to see the world as they saw it’ (Hilaire Belloc)
We can organize your perfect event on vessels of any size, with the best crews and catering services. This kind of service requires a 100% custom approach, and we take care of all your requirements and some of our staff will always be present to verify everything works smoothly. Contact us for a personalized program in every corner of the planet.

Art and Culture Oriented Cruises - イタリアの美術
Art and the culture of the sea are the highlight of these special cruises. Art: our skippers will focus your cruise around history, archaeology, art, ancient villages, urbanistic jewels and exhibitions, museums and other architectural masterpieces of the coutries around the Mediterranean sea, the father of culture. But there is more: our selected skippers are a true mine of maritime culture, stories and tradition. They will accompany you in a different world, made of a unique heritage, strange superstitions and endless surprises. Because the sea is what sailors made of it.

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