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Sailing the sea is not like driving around in a car. Browse our destinations to dream your perfect holiday and discover which is the best season to visit each place. Remember that we have a very deep knowledge of all the destinations we offer and that we are pleased to provide suggestions and information on most corners of the Oceans. Do not hesitate to contact us and our skippers and crews will be happy to help you prepare your perfect holidays...

Private itineraries
Every journey we organize is tailored upon our guests' requirements. This means that we devote a long time understanding your desires and preferences before suggesting a certain destination and itinerary. We have personal local knowledge of each and every one of them. Every place has its own peculiarities and characteristics: while Provence is sophisticated and elegant, the Ionian Islands of Greece are wild and rural; adventurous souls will find challenge in Patagonia or Burma, while relaxed folks might prefer the pace of Croatia. To each his own. A private itinerary is our local knowledge of the places combined with what we know about you. Obviously, this cannot be done automatically on the internet, but requires a somewhat slow process of mutual understanding. There is no alternative to this. This is the way things must be done. A private itinerary on a private boat, and your private journey will be perfect. All our voyages leave a very low carbon footprint. If you do not know yet what to expect from a sailboat voyage, feel free to get some inspiration from the following clues.


What kind of sailboat? Bareboat, skippered, crewed or luxury?
Once you decide to go sailing, you have four choices: 1. you can rent a bareboat, thus assuming the responsibilities of the position of Captain, 2. doing so but contracting a skipper who will assume this responsibility, 3. contract a boat with a complete crew, who will usually take also care of every service and finally 4. The Armstrong Global cruise

1. Rent a Bareboat: we advise this solution only to sailors who have the necessary qualifications, experience and knowledge of the cruising grounds. Always keep in mind that the services of a skipper (between 100 and 150 US or Euros per day) may be well worth especially when you consider that your holidays will be definitely more relaxing and free of hassles and worries. Armstrong Global services are free. By booking your bareboat charter through us, you pay no more than dealing with the bareboat company directly, yet our knowledge and experience provide additional security and more information. We can accept credit cards, paypal and any form of payment even if the charter company you choose does not. We simplify the whole process and keep the paperwork for you to the minimum level. With us, you can do absolutely everything using internet, and just sign the contract and receive the invoice in due course. If you consider that every single one of the twenty or so mediterranean countries have their ownpeculiar regulations, language and paperwork, there should really be no reason to use a FREE service, right? Some bareboat companies might arrange some steps in the preparation of the cruise, such as buying groceries and so on. After mailing or emailing you a summary of all bareboats and companies in the area you are considering, a bareboat broker will make suggestions and help you narrow down your choices, based on your requirements and our personal knowledge of each boat and cruising ground. Documents: when you rent a bareboat the client must fax us the boat licence. Greece and Turkey requires that two crew have a licence.

2. Bareboat with a skipper. The skipper relieve you of the main responsability aboard and you have only to enjoy your holiday. We selected and know personally every skipper we contract, and all of them have a wide experience in their work. Remember that our approach to sailing is definitely more personal and poetic than most charter brokers, and our mission is to let you know and experience the best of the Sea. For better service, you can also add a cook to the boat! Only personal documents are required.

3. A crewed charter is certainly the best way to get in close contact with the culture of the sea. First of all the Captain and crew will usually welcome you in their house, not in a standard rent-a-boat. The galley will be full of spices, the shelves filled with books, the laptops with hours of music, the cellar with wine, the boat with gadgets and safety equipment. Our professional crews live on the sea and can introduce you to every shade of the relationship between humans and water. Their gastronomy, knowledge of the people and history of the cruising grounds, sea tales and boundless passion for the sea is actually what you buy. This is what Armstrong Global wants to sell you: men's lives. Modern crewed charter are essentially luxurious personalized holidays in a the unique environment of a private yacht at your full service. Prices include everything except wines, diesel and harbour fees. Crewed charter is 100% hassle free. Just book and go: everything is there waiting for you. Browse around our gormet, wine, culture and art sections to have an idea of the philosophy that inspires us and our style to chose the vessels we represent. Only personal documents are required.

4. A full Armstrong Global cruise (Our Cruises). We decided to push crewed charter a step farther ahead. After years of chartering, we realized that, while places and boats are substantially the same all around, the quality of a full service charter is mainly dependent on the quality of food, wine and service. That is why we are the only charter company who can mail you a wine list with more than 2500 wines to chose from, that you will find matched with perfect menues during your holiday. That is why we and our crews keep searching the best ingredients to ensure you the best holiday. With care and passion.
Special Ag cruises.
Art Discovery: your personalized sailplan will include ports of call and destinations where you can study and appreciate the best local artistic masterpieces. We can provide a personal guide specialized in art (we work with PUBLISHED critics and guides!!!!) and arrange the itinerary to suit you preferences.
Wine Tasting: the cruise will follow its pre-arranged itinerary while, at lunch and dinner, you will taste and enjoy the best production of European wines.
Gourmet: discover the best combinations of wine and local gastronomy with our crews.
Adventure: sail and discover the Oceans.


If you would like to confirm a booking for a yacht, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can request an 'option' for up to five days. Until that time the yacht(s) remains available for charter requests to other clients and agencies. We will then send you a booking form. Once you have checked the details are correct you will need to sign this and fax it back to us. 50% deposit payment is needed to secure the booking. Once we have received the deposit we will send you a copy of the charter contract. The balance is due one calendar month before the start of the charter.

Money: who is holding your money? The general rule requires a down payment at the moment of reservation, varying between 30 and 50 per cent (our bareboat price list specify the necessary amount). The rest is usually paid 30 days before boarding. Armstrong Global accept any form of payment, from pay-pal to money transfers to Credit Cards. Once we receive the money we pass it to the charter company. It is therefore a question of trust between us and the charter company. This is why it is important to know them well. And we do. We act as a filter and insure the necessary smoothness. Moreover we provide cancellation policies to be sure no damage will occur to our clients.

et’s face it, stuff happens. If something does go wrong, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in your corner? We literally book thousands of charters and because of this volume, we can normally reach a satisfactory solution more easily than you can as an individual. While we hope you won't need it, this additional security can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.




            The main safety issue is ‘DO NOT FALL OVERBOARD’. Hands on watch must be harnessed and any useless ‘stroll’ on deck in rough seas is not recommended. Funnily enough, many male bodies found at sea had the fly down. Its neither stylish nor safe to do outside what one can do in a toilet.
KIDS: when the boat is sailing or mooring kids will be friendly but firmly advised by the skipper, even in calm days, to either hook  up or to remain in the cockpit, and to sit at the helm bench during manoeuvres. Parents are warmly advised to enforce this rule.          
            No plane, train and timetable has any prevalence to safety aboard. Over 50% of accidents at sea come from being on a rush at the end of a cruise. Until today, Cadeau has never been overdue and never betrayed any passenger’s timetable, but this comes with a prudent planning of the voyage.
It is warmly recommended to keep hands off the main sheets while sailing, unless one knows how to use them. With a 20-k wind, those sheets can raise a saloon car and are turned religiously 3 times around the winch drum then into the self tailer. Any non-steel object between the sheet and the drum will be squashed, fingers included.
            As a general rule, it’s better not to fall off the boat than to think about rescuing a man over board. Think of yourself as standing on top of a skyscraper while the boat is sailing fast, especially downwind and in cold weather conditions. In warm and calm weather it is, on the contrary, very funny to swim in tow.
            The vessel is full of stuff popping up from the dech: winches, cleats, shrouds, stays, stanchions, vents and so on: watch your step.
            Stay away from the anchor windlass when in operation.
            Report previously all your allergies to the skipper.
            Watch the boom while sailing, especially downwind. Chinese gybes by uncautious helmsmen can swing it very fast with dangerous effects. Why undesired gybes are called Chinese is unknown. It probably comes from the deplorable tendency, in the old days, to ‘loose’ chinamen overboard either while manoeuvring or forcing them to measure speed with lines thrown overboard with knots.
            While mooring, don’t use hands and lifelines to fend other biats off, but feet and hulls.

What to bring

            Some items are strictly necessary, others are warmly recommended. Soft and deck shoes are the most important item for both, feet and deck protection. Sunglasses come second, for the combined effect of sun/sail/sea glare. Caps are cool, not absolutely necessary.
            Skin must be protected seriously, possibly with the least oily lotions around, for lotions have the deplorable tendency to spill or be spreaded around by sun-thirsty skins, not to mention the absolute helming BAN to oily hands.
            Dress: we strongly support a style/etiquette policy, and prefer a sober dressing style to a hawaian anarchy. Never forget something warm for humid and cool nights, remembering that cotton is generally useless to keep the skin dry. Better a light woolen or some of these new materials. We stress the importance of happy feet aboard, so always bring warm and dry socks. Light T-shirts to protect the from the sun. Bermuda and khakis, long trousers for the night (we are in the Med…), some nice shirts. A jacket for men for trendy nights.
            Bad weather clothing: rarely needed in summer, some jackets and bibs are on the boat. If you have them, bring windbreakers and some polartec. If you sail off season, contact us for advice. Don’t buy those overestimated expensive yellow jackets you tons of velcro just for few weeks of charter.
            Brain nourishment: the boat is full of music and books, but it’s not the congress library, so bring yours. No better places than a boat to read. Book exchange is active aboard, as long as it’s not Grisham/DaVinci crap.
            Crewed boats are well stocked in their pharmacy, while bareboat are not: bring your medicined with you in the second case, and all your personal medicines in any case. Bring some ammonia for jellifish stings. Bring insect repellent.
            Cadeau has a 110 V system for small apparels, PCs, razors, battery chargers and so on. Not for hairdryiers.
            Other: a small torch is never a bad idea. Walkman and personal MP3. Credit cards are widely accepted but ATM machines are rarely working or safe in many places. An alarm clock can be useful if you want to wake up to see the sunrise and for night watches (in crossings). Pocket knives have plenty of uses on a boat. Gloves have none. Personal binoculars for sightseeing.
            NEVER bring rigid cases, white socks, precious items you might lose overboard or in the apparently bottomless bilges.

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