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House exchange opportunities and offers

Our Swan 44 Cadeau is listed in a couple of house exchange sites and we frequently enjoy this fabulous way of meeting like-minded people and visiting new places. We therefore decided to reserve some weeks of our season for guests interested in home exchange or at least to tailor some special offers for them. In the last seven years we had the opportunity to value the open and curious mentality of exchangers and befriended many of them. Chartering yachts is our main business, and the characteristic of our old sailing lady are such that our presence aboard is necessary, therefore a 'classic' swap is impossible. Still we like sailing, travelling but especially we love sharing our way of cruising around our favourite destination. So we decided to offer different opportunities.

a. House exchange (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 only): in case we are both interested in exchange, we offer the boat for free and just charge the skipper regular fee (150 euros a day). Then we share the pleasure and the duties of the cruise together, preparing great dinners with local ingredients, choosing the best wines and enjoying the whims of the blue with enthusiasm or patience, according to what the weather brings. Maximum 4 guests.

b. Exchanger offer: in case our exchange peferences do not meet, we thought of reserving two weeks (again between (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15) to 2 couples of exchangers at the special rate of 1800 euros for 4 people, including the boat and the skipper. We then share the aforementioned pleasures and pains pleasures. This is a great opportunity for those who like to meet like-minded people from different places. Needless to say, we will put in contact the guests beforehand!

c. Exchanger gourmet offers (July through October): we will discount our goumet cruises of 10 %. Our famous gourmet and wine tasting cruises will therefore cost 2520 euros for 2 people, including 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 5 dinners, fuel, vessel and skipper.

d. Exchanger Ag cruises (year round): we will discount between 7 and 10 % on every cruise in every corner of the globe with our carefully selected and recommended vessels. We will also discount 10 % on every bareboat in our price list. We will have the pleasure of giving advice about destinations, vessels, crews, restaurants and every possible need a curious traveller might have.

Contact us and we'll find something for every need.

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