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Yachts offering gourmet charters

. Maxi 80 - West Med
. Jongert 70 - West Med
. Southern Wind 72 - Med
. Swan 77 - Med
. Swan 65 - Med
. Kanter 72 - West med
. Briand 62 - East Med
. Oyster 655 - Mediterranean
. Oyster 56 - Med
. Swan 55 - Thyrrenian
. Hanse 540 - Croatia/Sardinia
. Swan 51 - Med
. Oceanis 51 - Greece
. Oceanis 51 - Thyrrenian
. Oceanis 510 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 50 - Croatia
. Bavaria 50 - Croatia
. Taswell 49 - Sardinia
. Swan 47 - Thyrrenian
. Privilege 465 - Adriatic
. Grand Soleil 46.3 - Greece
. Nelson 46 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 46 - Thyrrenian
. Lagoon 440 - Greece/Sicily
. Swan 44 - Provence
. Gib Sea 44 - Sicily
. Grand Soleil 40 - Croatia
. Privilege 12 - Greece
. Oceanis 35 - Provence

Visit The Gambero Blu, our restaurant guide
A private yacht, gastronomy and the Sea: a perfect balance

If a journey neglects the pleasures and the traditions of gastronomy, the memories it will impress will be never complete, always insipid and seldom remarkable. Combined delights of travelling and food find the supreme balance in a private gourmet cruise. While the skipper and the yacht will sail between the bays and havens of your selected destination, the cook will introduce your senses to the culinary marvels and gastronomic traditions of the sea. The Mediterranean is our favourite gourmet playground, a sea where the diversity of ingredients, techniques and traditions is so great that any other competitor will look like a McDonald’s in comparison. Just think about a simple fish soup… One can happily spend weeks tasting Sopa de Mariscos in Spain, Bouillabaisse in Marseille, Caciucco in Livorno, Kakarvia in Greece and Gregada in Croatia, just to name some of them! What makes a gourmet cruise so special?

. Gourmet aboard

Private service: to book a whole restaurant for your own group. Not bad, is not it? Cooks ready to prepare all what you like best, waiters at your exclusive service, silence around, dress as you like and not a stranger in sight. Well, that’s business as usual on your own private yacht, and most often at a competitive cost when compared to a regular restaurant bill.

Local products: unless you happen to charter large yachts with massive galleys and huge refrigerators (frozen food… horror!!), the typical sailboat cook spend most of its time ashore looking for the local ingredients. It’s unlikely you’ll ever meet the boat crew pushing huge supermarket carts. The staples are bought at the beginning of the cruise, far from your eyes and not inconveniencing your time. But we love our food fresh, and supermarkets are not the best places to find it, moreover places with supermarkets are usually ugly. So each cook and skipper creates his own network of shops… Butchers, bakers, fishmongers, fishermen, local market, specialized grocery shop… We invented organic shopping well before it became fashionable, out of a practical requirement we built a shopping style whose quality is reflected in the flavour of the dishes. Local and certified denomination products are thousands in the Mediterranean, spanning around every spectrum of the edible. The best French cooks are now trying their best to transfer in their wines and dishes the flavour of the ‘terroir’, the land, the soil, the local flavour. We do better: we offer the flavour of the land, and of the waters around it.

. Gourmet ashore

All our sailing destinations in the Mediterranean offer an amazing range of gourmet restaurants, from the simple tavern to the Michelin 3 stars. Discover the culinary heritage of Italy, France and Greece following the advice of our crews and the local knowledge of our Blue Prawn restaurant guide.

. Wine tasting cruises and charters

A passion for Wine

Armstrong Global is the only charter broker that does not simply link voyagers and vessels, but also provides services to improve the quality and variety of the final result: your perfect holiday. Upon request, our captains and chefs can order wine degustation packages from Sarzi Amadè, the premier Italian wine importer and distributor, so that your wine tasting holiday will reach a personalized and unparalleled quality status. The wine will be delivered to your preferred harbour, treated with love all along the cruise, combined to a suitable menu, served in proper glasses and left for you to enjoy.

If you want to make your own wine list, you just can contact us to choose among 1000 italian and 1500 French and foreign wines. We will send you a copy of our price list, order and have the wine delivered for you. NO ONE can provide the same level of service. For a complete list of producers, click on the Sarzi Amadè website. Sarzi Amadè has been experiencing a strong development for more than 30 years. This know-how enables the company to become one of the top consultants in drawing up Wine Lists. Today the best Italian Restaurant Managers turn to Sarzi Amadè not only to buy its products, but also to be adviced in editing prestigious lists. This aknowledges the top quality of the company in promoting wine culture.
Try our 'Wine Chart Aboard' service even if you rent a bareboat!
We also decided to prepare packages of 18 bottles per couple per week, 6 for lunch and 18 for dinner, combining the best for each region, at two prearranged prices: degustation at 200 Euros and Luxury at 400 Euros (plus VAT).

Wine Chart Aboard Service®

Imagine yourself browsing, upon deciding which vessel cruising on next summer, a 2500-label strong wine list, spanning from Chateau D’Yquem to Corton Charlemagne, from Gaia to Sassicaia, with the best Cognacs, Jerez Brandys and Armagnacs on top. Imagine your crews, with few hours to spare between charters, receiving where they want a well packed parcel with exactly those wines you want. Imagine your cooks flying high combining local delicacies with perfect wines. And finally imagine a perfect glass of Sauternes with a creamy slice of Santi brand gorgonzola cheese. This is the world of Armstrong Global. It's the perfect cruise.

‘When I read that list I felt like a child opening the Christmas presents!!’ Mrs. Mariette Wilcox, Wilcoxgroup, Vancouver, Canada.

Any Armstrong Global customer can benefit of this new and exclusive service. Even if you rent a bareboat, you can contact us to receive our wine chart, offering nearly 2500 Italian and French wines and brandys form the best producers and selected by the best wine merchants. Stop wandering around expensive supermarkets with a poor choice of wine. And stop carrying bottles around warm and crowded streets. You can have the best delivered aboard!! As for the prices, we are proud to apply the producer's price list! This means you will have unparalleled service at no costs!

How it works

1. Require via e.mail our italian or foreign wine chart, detailed with prices and conditions.

2. Book or option any cruise with Armstrong Global

3. Choose the wine you wish to taste during your cruise and send us the list.

4. Pay for it together with your holiday

5. The wine will be waiting for you aboard.

6. Crewed charters and Ag Cruises will also combine your choice with a suitable menu.

7. The offer is available for the cruising areas of Sardinia, Corsica, Elba, Amalfi coast, Croatia (embarking Italy) and Sicily, and for any vessel calling at Italian ports.

8. We apply producer's prices to your selection! The delivery is free of charge for orders of 420 Euros, and is shared with us for orders over 210 Euros.

Check our wine page for more informations.

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