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"Lo stomaco vuoto non nota la bellezza

Is there a better reason to travel than to discover the flavours of our world? Our eyes collect just images. Our tongue, our nose and our mouth, on the other side, are able to transfer a fuller range of emotions. Each country around the Mediterranean Sea has its own culinary traditions and its heritage of flavours. But there is more: these are so old and widespread that each region, even each village, has something peculiar to tingle your senses, a unique flavour, a particular variety of an already special ingredient or a local version of a strange recipe hidden in somebody’s grandmother cupboard. The cooks of each of our boats will be proud to prepare for you something that you will find only there. A cruise with these vessel will be indeed a journey in a world of flavours. We are the only charter company that does not limit itself in selecting a boat for you but provides the vessels with organization and logistic to deliver special food or a selection of wine directly at the harbour where you will board the vessel. We are therefore free to provide the best products and the finest wine chart, and be sure that this is what you will find during your precious holidays. Quality and new ideas, this is what we believe to be the only answer the the presence of a link between the boat and the client. We want to provide a full and complete service. And yes, we do think we live to eat, and not that we eat to live.

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Wine & Brandy
Armstrong Global is the first and only charter broker that decided to concentrate the greatest attention to wine. What we do is to choose some of the best wine producers and wine merchants to have a selection of wines especially hand-picked for a weekly cruise of degustation and a menu to suit it. Our organization provides different Wine and Brandy Lists to chose from, according to the client's desires. Right now we decided on a regional approcah, with weekly cruises where you can discover the marvels of: Piedmont, Tuscany, Corsica and Sardinia, Sicily, Greece (with Italian and Libanese support), and Spanish Jerez brandies. Enter our WINE page to know discover our menues and our BRANDY page to discover the best liquors.

Local Ingredients
Every chef aboard searches the special ingredients a particular region selected in centuries of culinary tradition. Some examples are the Salina Caper, Salted Ricotta and the Girgentana Goat in Sicily, Buffalo Milk Mozzarella and the San Marzano Tomato in the Naple area. In fresh days you can try some flavours from the mountains with the famous Ponzone beef or Piedmont's endless collection of cheese. For a complete list of Italian Slow Food Presidia, click here.

Cheese is one of the reasons to live in Europe. If not, some euro-skeptics might add, the principal one. We selected specialized 'cheese agers', professionals dedicating their time in the selecton of the best producers and pieces. Each form of cheese is different and only a trained eye can provide the required perfection. In some cases we have the cheese delivered to your selected vessel at the port where you will embark.

Most of our Captains and Chefs do not see eye an eye with frozen fish found in supermarkets. Fortunately, the Mediterranean countries abound with fish markets, private fishermen and local fishmongers selling the best and freshest products of the local seas. It is sometimes a pleasure to wander around screaming fishmongers calling the attention of the customers on their selection (not to mention their peculiar appearance and stained aprons). Fish and the way to prepare it are part of the local culture of the countries you are visiting and our choice is to serve you for dinner not a simple dish but a part of a whole culture.

Destination Prices per week (avg)
Size (feet) Type Vessel Person Pax
Croatia 40 Grand Soleil 40 4500 1400 4
Corsica 44 Swan 44 3000 750 5
Sicily 44 Gib Sea 44 3000 850 6
Greece 46 Grand Soleil 46 4200 900 6
Sardinia 49 Taswell 49 4000 700 4
Croatia 50 Grand Soleil 50 6500 4
Polynesia 56 Marquises 56 2090 8
Mediterranean 65 Swan 65 12000 6
Riviera 35 Oceanis 35 500 5
Elba/Corsica 39 Adventure 39 750 6
Ionian Greece 40 Lavezzi 40 Cat 4875 1440 6
Thyrrenian 46 Grand Soleil 46.3 4200 900 4
Caribbean 46 Fountain Pajot  9000 6
Sardinia 49 Hallberg Rassy 49 6000 7
Greece 51 Oceanis 51 7700 8
West Med 57 Lagoon 57 10
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