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The objective of any corporate incentive action is to reward either a client or member of the company. The value of a reward depends essentially on how precious this reward is perceived. It's therefore essential to organize an event that possesses a certain amount of pre-requisites:
. a personal approach: you don't want your clients feel to be on a coach tour;
. a relevant and aparent value of the event: in a world, luxury;
. a special atmosphere, to make your guests to feel like members of an enclosed brotherhood;
. a relatively enclosed space, so that your staff will easily and casually manage the personal relations;
. a complete and professional handling of the event.

A luxurious yacht charter with a professional crew are certainly the best answer.
. everybody recognizes the high value of a luxury yacht charter;
. the perceived value of a crewed yacht is extremely high;
. the atmosphere aboard is unique and unparalleled by any hotel;
. the somewhat limited space will allow your staff to follow your guests closely and carefully, moreover they will be positively disposed by the fact of being on the sea;
. few professional are better trained and used to a personal approach than yacht crews.

We can organize your perfect event on vessels of any size, with the best crews and catering services. This kind of service requires a 100% custom approach, and we take care of all your requirements and some of our staff will always be present to verify everything works smoothly. Contact us for a personalized program in every corner of the planet.



How to build a really strong team, have great fun and learn how to sail – all at the same time!!
Are you interested in sailing? Do you work as part of a team? Does your success in business depend on your ability to work well with others? If yes, then read on! What do sailing and teambuilding have to do with each other? Well, for many years businesses have sent their key teams on various 'courses' to enable them to improve the way they work together and so help them to achieve better results. These 'courses' could have been in the classroom, in the forest, up a mountain or some other challenging environment. But now, there is another choice, a more fun and more appropriate choice – sailing! Firstly, let's consider what 'teambuilding' really means. What is a team? “A team is a group of people who share common objectives and who need to work together to achieve them“. This describes almost any department or company; it also describes a group of people on a boat. In order to survive and excel in the business world or at sea, we must learn how to better work together to help us all achieve our common goals; how to move from A to B. So, what is teamwork? “The challenge for every organisation is to build a feeling of ‘oneness’, of dependence on one another… because the question is usually not how well each person works, but how well they work together.”In other words, our individual skills and abilities don’t count for much if we can’t use these to work with others, to combine our resources, our strengths and our skills in order to achieve even better results. Today, we do not work in isolation, we need to develop partnerships, customer supplier relationships, employer employee relationships that will enable us to offer more, offer better or offer faster. Sailing is an excellent analogy for this. In order to really learn about teambuilding in a truly practical way, it’s not only about having a ‘team experience’.

It’s also about having a facilitator who can help you to analyse and review your strengths and weaknesses as individuals and as a team, to help you to review what you are trying to achieve and how you can best work together to achieve this and to provide you with a opportunity to try this out, learn from your experiences and move forward in a positive and constructive way. This brings us back to sailing! Sailing is an excellent environment, to combine all these factors together; and now you can do this in an intelligent, fun and structured way. Interested?

Contact us to arrange a teambuilding cruise with our specialized english trainers and psychologists upon your specific requirements.


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