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Passion for wine and food
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A private yacht, gastronomy and the Sea: a perfect balance

If a journey neglects the pleasures and the traditions of gastronomy, the memories it will impress will be never complete, always insipid and seldom remarkable. Combined delights of travelling and food find the supreme balance in a private gourmet cruise. While the skipper and the yacht will sail between the bays and havens of your selected destination, the cook will introduce your senses to the culinary marvels and gastronomic traditions of the sea. The Mediterranean is our favourite gourmet playground, a sea where the diversity of ingredients, techniques and traditions is so great that any other competitor will look like a McDonald’s in comparison. Just think about a simple fish soup… One can happily spend weeks tasting Sopa de Mariscos in Spain, Bouillabaisse in Marseille, Caciucco in Livorno, Kakarvia in Greece and Gregada in Croatia, just to name some of them! What makes a gourmet cruise so special?

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