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"Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk".
-Sir Francis Chichester while loading his boat with gin.

Passion for Brandy
Sailing is a peculiar pleasure: it's not jealous, and you can enjoy the flavours and perfection of other delights of life while your boat is cruising between islands and havens. Armstrong Global furtherly enriches its services to captains and guests adding the best Jerez brandies to our already long list of special wines. Few environments, possibly only a fireplace with a window open on the Swiss Alps, offers a better atmosphere to the enjoyment of these special meditation liquors. Order a bottle of the unique Non Plus Ultra from Cardinal Mendoza, simply the highest expression of Jerez brandy.
Here is a list of our products and a list of tasting suggestions.

Cardenal Mendoza 15 years: after meal, also with some ice, excellent with cigars and cofee.

CM Carta Real 30 years: higher expression brandy, also with ice, just with cigars.

CM Non Plus Ultra 50 years: bliss brandy.

Uno e Mill 10 years: try it as an aperitif with some ice and mint leaves

Romate 2 years: after dinner, also with Coke and ice.

Amontillado Romate 3 years: before dinner, with an excellent ham, dried fruit and aged cheeses

Cream Romate 5 years: after dinner with cakes and pastries

Fino Romate 3 years: try it with fish and very good hams

Oloroso Don Jose 5 years: spotless in a consommée, taste it with cheese and dried fruits

Pedro Jimenez Romate 5 years: dessert wine 'par excellence', this brandy goes with ice creams and chocolate

Oloros San Josè 18 years: consommée, cheese and nuts

Cream Iberia 8 years: alone or with cheese after dinner

Cardenal Cisneros 15 years: meditation and chocolate dessert wine

We also provide Cuba rums and London dry Gins.



Destination Prices per week (avg)
Size (feet) Type Vessel Person Pax
Croatia 40 Grand Soleil 40 4500 1400 4
Provence 44 Swan 44 3000 750 5
Sicily 44 Gib Sea 44 3000 850 6
Greece 46 Grand Soleil 46 4200 900 6
Sardinia 49 Taswell 49 4000 700 4
Croatia 50 Grand Soleil 50 6500 4
Polynesia 56 Marquises 56 2090 8
Mediterranean 65 Swan 65 12000 6
Provence 35 Oceanis 35 500 5
Elba/Corsica 39 Adventure 39 750 6
Ionian Greece 40 Lavezzi 40 Cat 4875 1440 6
Thyrrenian 46 Grand Soleil 46.3 4200 900 4
Caribbean 46 Fountain Pajot  9000 6
Sardinia 49 Hallberg Rassy 49 6000 7
Greece 51 Oceanis 51 7700 8
West Med 57 Lagoon 57 10
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