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Yachts offering art discovery charters

. Maxi 80 - West Med
. Jongert 70 - West Med
. Southern Wind 72 - Med
. Swan 77 - Med
. Swan 65 - Med
. Kanter 72 - West med
. Briand 62 - East Med
. Oyster 655 - Mediterranean
. Oyster 56 - Med
. Swan 55 - Thyrrenian
. Hanse 540 - Croatia/Sardinia
. Swan 51 - Med
. Oceanis 51 - Greece
. Oceanis 51 - Thyrrenian
. Oceanis 510 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 50 - Croatia
. Bavaria 50 - Croatia
. Taswell 49 - Sardinia
. Swan 47 - Thyrrenian
. Privilege 465 - Adriatic
. Grand Soleil 46.3 - Greece
. Nelson 46 - Ionian Greece
. Grand Soleil 46 - Thyrrenian
. Lagoon 440 - Greece/Sicily
. Swan 44 - Provence
. Gib Sea 44 - Sicily
. Grand Soleil 40 - Croatia
. Privilege 12 - Greece
. Oceanis 35 - Provence

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A private yacht, art, culture and the Sea: discover the Mediterranean heritage

Discovering Art from the Sea
Western history was born around the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Greece, Troy, Medieval City-States, Venice, Costantinople and Rome grew and developped thanks to the routes along the Mediterranean, and left ever lasting masterpieces by or very close to the shores. Pompei, Rome, Venice, Athens, Amalfi, Dubrovnik, Palermo, Istambul, Barcelona, Taormina are just the bigger or the most famous sites, towering over hundreds of others smaller jewels, like Portofino, Rovigno, Crete, Bonifacio, Santorini, Parga, Eze sur Mer and St. Paul de Vence. Let our crews prepare an itinerary that will help you to discover these marvels from a unique and exclusive point of view: a privately chartered yacht. Contact us to arrange a comprehensive tour with your own personal referenced art guide. More practical. Expensive hotels, standard service, crowded restaurant with a wine list three times more expensive than the producer's price, crowded transport. With a sailboat cruise you avoid all these inconveniences and add to your holiday the flavour of a unique form of discovery. And you can modify your itinerary at your discrection.

. Art discovery

Our cruises are mostly tailored on your requirements and desires. If you are interested in art, it's even more important to look for a competent crew, a suitable itinerary and even a guide, if required. Please contact us and we'll have a private itinerary ready for you in a matter of hours.

The Venetian Trade Route.
Start or arrive in Trieste, visiting Venice, Mali Losinji, Rovinji, Porez and other citadels built along the medieval trade route, discovering on the way the blue waters of Istria. Or cruise more south concentrating on Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik and Korzula.

Ancient Greece
Athens, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini.... the cradle of philosophy and civilization... and spend your evening having a champagne on deck watching sunset rather than searching for a hotel.

Ancient Rome
Embark few miles from Rome and follow its way south, through the spectacular Ponza, the still perfectly sheltered Roman harbour of Ventotene, the thermaes at Ischia, the ruins of Pompei and Augustus villa in Capri...

Southern France
The Riviera is always a fascinating place. You wander around the small streets of Nice, Cannes or Villefranche and you enter the spirit of the 20th century. You really expect to see Sean Connery pop out from a small alley with his Aston Martin... ok, in that case you may be mistaken... but surely you can see him sitting in some cafè... There are no limits in the Riviera possible destinations: Avignon, Arles, Aix, St. Paul de Vence, Eze sur Mer, Nice are all art masterpieces. The Porquerolles archipelago boast some of the finest islands and beaches of the Mediterranean. Grasse is the place where they invented perfume and Nouvelle Cuisine. Cap Ferrat and Villefranche are still the top of the posh. Cannes is the Capital of decent cinema. Montecarlo.... well... I mean... I would personally avoid it.

. Art pages

Please visit our art page and feel free to suggest images to upload

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