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Endurance 35, Canaries
. Cruises: cabin, adventure
. Prices: from 500 Euros a week pp fB
. Guests: 6
. Specials: Spanish cuisine
. Destinations 2006: Canaries
. Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
. Vessel: solid and classic vessel
  . length: 10.75
. beam: 3.5
. draft: 2
. cabins: 2
. heads: 1
. crew: 1
. sail area: 68

Endurance 35 Ketch by Vicente Belliure shipyard, the award- wining ultimate cruiser for best design, for being simple enough for two man to sail, be capable of long cruises (even circumnavigation) and have special regard for comfort, storage space and seaworthiness. She is a large boat for her 35' overall length. Her relatively heavy displacement and wide beam, provides many more cubic feet of hull volume than modern production boat cruisers, a feature appreciated when one tries to store all the food and gear necessary for even a short cruise. With a generous beam and relatively long waterline, the boat offers excellent accommodation for cruising. The tall aspect ratio of the rig, makes this boat an easy boat to handle, yet a good sailor in light airs. The mainsail and mizzen can always be reefed if necessary, but the shorter booms make it easier to gather sails for furling in case of a unexpected storm. The headstay, fitted with a roller furler genoa and forestay with a club-footed staysail, will also be easy to control at sea. The saloon-deckhouse with the sole at waterline level, makes for excellent all round visibility as well as an impression of spaciousness usually found on 50 footers. Full length keel and hard bilges makes her a fast and stiff boat at sea and the added bow thrusters makes it easy to manoeuvre when mooring in tight spaces.Deep water cruising men for years have favoured her safe cockpit if caught in rough weather, and the flush deck provides a safe and more manoeuvrable working area with no obstructions for waves to tear out or on which to foul sheets and sails, also great for sunbathing or sleeping out on a hot night!!!

You can get to the airport of Las Palmas (LPA) from most major cities of Europe or America easily, as there are direct flights (i.e.www.lastminute.com, www.cheapflights.co.uk, etc.) and cheap return fares are available as we are only a few hours by plane.The Canary Islands are a all year round sailing area and you can come at any time of the year. Look for a cheap flight and phone or email us to see if we have a boat available for that date . If you are short of crew, we can sail with you free of charge and provide local knowledge .

Endurance recipe for PAELLA!!!!!!

This is how I cook the paella, I dont know if its the "official" way.

On a frying pan put to fry some onions , pieces of chicken, pieces of pork chopped up, squid,later add prawns, and mussels, small amount of peas, then add about 1L. of fish soup from a tetrabrick, then add rice say 2 cups for 1L. of liquid, cook for about 20 minutes, put crashed garlic, but check that the rice is cooked before turning off,the grains must not stick to each other, once off , put the pot on a cold surface to stop cooking, keep the paella for about 15 minutes before serving so that the rice sucks most of the liquid, decorate with strips of red pepper.


You must eat it with wine, its a crime to eat it with beer
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