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Beneteau 50 in the Grenadines
. Cruises: cabin, adventure, gourmet
. Prices: 1390-2300€ incluso volo italia
. Guests: 8+crew
. Specials: Italian cuisine
. Destinations 2007: Grenadines
. Languages: Italian, English
. Vessel: solid and very roomy vessel
  . length: 50 ft
. beam: 15 ft
. cabins: 5
. heads: 5
. crew: 1 or 2
. engine: 80 hp
This sailboat complies with the requirements of our mission. We firmly believe that a yacht charter agency must create added value by providing local knowledge. This can be achieved only through familiarity with the destinations, experience in sailing, knowledge of the vessels and their crews, and passion for the sea and its culture. On top of this, we decided to put even more energy in other features, such as food, wine and art to improve the quality of our offer, and this decision came after years of serving clients in their crewed charters. Visit the pages of our Magazine to know more.
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