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Grand Soleil 50, Croatia
. Cruises: wine tasting, gourmet
. Prices: from 7000 Euros a week
. Guests: 8
. Specials: Italian cuisine
. Destinations 2006: Croatia
. Languages: Italian, English, Spanish
. Vessel: performant and splendid
  . length: 14.9
. beam: 4.5
. draft: 2.3
. cabins: 4
. heads: 3
. crew: 2
. sail area: 135

This sailboat complies with the requirements of our mission. We firmly believe that a yacht charter agency must create added value by providing local knowledge. This can be achieved only through familiarity with the destinations, experience in sailing, knowledge of the vessels and their crews, and passion for the sea and its culture. On top of this, we decided to put even more energy in other features, such as food, wine and art to improve the quality of our offer, and this decision came after years of serving clients in their crewed charters.
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Grand Soleil 50

This sailboat belongs to a group of carefully selected bareboats that we upgrade with our selected crews and other services. Local regulations in certain countries, like in Croatia, limit the number of foreign crewed yachts sailing in these waters. Therefore we select the best bareboats, upgrade their characteristics and appoint our better crews to offer a private journey of the same level of a crewed charter.

Flavours along the ancient Venetian route

The Ancient Maritime Republic of Venice conquered the main harbours along the Eastern trade routes to Asia from the early centuries of the last Millennium. The towns Venice founded, like Split, Dubrovnik (Ragusa) and Zadar, still show the magic of the ancient fortified citadels combined with the stunning beauty of Croatian islands, coves and channels.

Tuna Duo Entrée

Tartare: find a perfect fillet of fresh tuna, possibly yellowfin. Chop it (absolutely DO NOT GROUND ANY TARTARE INGREDIENT) patiently and finely with shallots or red onion and capers, then dress it with grapefruit juice (lemon will 'cook' it too rapidly).Ceviche: cut the same fillets in 1/2 inch cubes, possibly the parts containing less blood. Let them 'cook' for half an hour with lemon juice, shallots or onion, honey or mustard to taste, coriander (cilantro) and a light veil or olive oil (italian version) or soy sauce (international)

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